Frequently Asked Questions

What is GenePasQ®?
GenePasQ® is a registered trademark of SURE Marketing Company, Inc. for its Shrimp Pathogen or Disease Detection Kits.

What types of product are sold under the GenePasQ® trademark?
The GenePasQ® products are available commercially to detect 2, 3 or4 DNA Shrimp Diseases simultaneously and also to detect 3 RNA virus Shrimp Diseases at the same time. Our Supplier, TBA Co., Ltd. (Japan) could develop SPECIAL Test Kits depending on the potential sales quantities of such SPECIAL Test Kits.
What technology does the GenePasQ® products use?
GenePasQ® uses the Multiplex PCR and DNA Chromatography Strip Method for detecting simultaneously 2, 3 or 4 shrimp diseases in a single Testing Cycle.
What makes the GenePasQ® Test Kits UNIQUE?
The GenePasQ® Test Kits use specially-formulatedOIE-approved Primers and Primer Mixes that can detect up to 4 Shrimp Diseases AT THE SAME TIME in conjunction with the C-PAS DNA Chromatography Strip without the need for the Gel Electrophoresis after the PCR or Amplification step.
What are C-PAS DNA Chromatography Strips ?
The C-PAS DNA Chromatography Strips are manufactured by TBA (Tohoku Bio-Array) Co., Ltd.of Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, JAPAN with the Patent licensed by NGK INSULATORS, Ltd. (JAPAN). It uses the STH Method.
What is the STH Method?
STH stands for “Single-stranded Tag Hybridization”. It was Patented in March 2014 as a new genetic testing method to simultaneously detect the presence or absence of up to 12 shrimp diseases (DNA or RNA virus types) in a sample in a single C-PAS DNA Chromatography Strip.
Where were the GenePasQ® products developed and who wereinvolved in its development and commercialization?
The GenePasQ®products were developed in JAPAN by TBA Co., Ltd. (Sendai, MiyagiPrefecture) in collaboration with TUMSAT (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) under Professor Ikuo Hirono who developed the Primers/Primer Mixes for the GenePasQ® kits.
Who manufactures the GenePasQ® products?
The GenePasQ® Shrimp Pathogen Detection Kits are manufactured in JAPAN by TBA Co., Ltd.
What are the MAINadvantages of the GenePasQ® Test Kits over the leading brand and the other current methods of detecting Shrimp Diseases?
The MAJOR advantages of the GenePasQ®Test Kits over the leading brand and other existing methods are:
1.You can simultaneously detect up to 4 Shrimp diseases (or pathogens).
2.You can SAVE from 4.5 to 6 hours of Testing Time.
3.You will use LESS reagents.
4.Gel Electrophoresis is not needed.
5.It is SAFER to use because exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and UV light in Gel Electrophoresis are avoided.
6.It is ten (10) times MORE sensitive than Gel Electrophoresis.
7.You can detect the presence or absence of up to 4 Shrimp Diseases Diseases (pathogens) after 2 – 3 hours from the start of sample preparation.
8. It is SIMPLE and EASY TO USE.
9. It has better SENSITIVITY and SPECIFICITY than the leading brand and existing methods.
10. You can use your existing conventional PCR machine.
11. If you have an existing PCR laboratory, there is NO NEED to invest in ADDITIONAL equipment.
12. The C-PAS strip of the GenePasQ®Test Kits has a built-inInternal Control (IC) line.
What is the SENSITIVITY of the GenePasQ® kits?
The GenePasQ® Test Kits are sensitive to detect 10 copies of DNA per 10 ul (10 microliters). It has been tested to have a sensitivity down to 1 copy/10 ul for some Shrimp diseases (pathogens). It is 10 times MORE sensitive than the Gel Electrophoresis.
How does the SPECIFICITY of the GenePasQ® Test kits compare with the leading brand and the other Test Methods?
The GenePasQ® Test Kits offer 100% SPECIFICITY thereby eliminating FALSE POSITIVE results.
Does the GenePasQ® Test kits use the nested PCR method of testing?
No, it does not require the nested PCR method.
What are the key components of the GenePasQ® Test Kits?
The GenePasQ® Test Kit consists of a Test Kit complete with the recommended Extraction Reagent, C-PAS (F6) strips, Primer Solution, Latex Solution, Dilution Buffer, a Positive Control Set and the PCR enzyme for the various DNA and RNA virus Shrimp Diseases that will be targeted for detection.
What is a DNA or RNA virus “POSITIVE CONTROL”?
The “POSITIVE CONTROL” contains synthesized fragments of the individual DNA or RNA virus sequence of pathogens (diseases). One (1) “POSITIVE CONTROL” for each Shrimp Disease is included in the “POSITIVE CONTROL SET” that comes with the GenePasQ® DNA or RNA virus Shrimp Disease or Pathogen Detection Kit.
What are the uses of these “POSITIVE CONTROLS”?
They are useful to check if the PCR process and settings are properly done. They can also be used for your initial training on HOW TO USE the GenePasQ® Test Kits.
How long is the STORAGE or SHELF LIFE of the GenePasQ® Test Kit?
When stored properly, the kit can be used for one (1) year.
What are the recommended Storage Conditions for the GenePasQ® Test Kits?
They should be REFRIGERATED at 2 to 8 degrees Centigrade.
What is the SHELF LIFE of the DNA or RNA virus “POSITIVE CONTROL Sets”?
One (1) year when stored properly.
What is the suggested Storage Condition for the PCR enzyme?
When not used, they must always be kept inside a FREEZER at minus 20 degrees Centigrade (or at -20 degrees Celsius).
What is the suggested Storage Condition for the GenCheck Extraction Reagent?
It should be stored inside the REFRIGERATOR at +2 to +8 degrees Centigrade.
What will happen if the GenePasQ® Test Kits, the Positive Controls, the PCR enzyme and the Extraction Reagent are not stored properly as recommended?
Are there SPECIAL handling requirements for the C-PAS(F6) DNA Chromatography Strips?
Yes, during use, you should hold a portion of the absorbing pad with DRIED hands. Touching the other parts or holding theC-PAS(F6) strip with WET hands will result in insufficient reaction. Other than these, we suggest that the C-PAS(F6) strips be REFRIGERATED for longer SHELF LIFE.
Does the C-PAS (F6) strip have a “built-in” control?
Yes, as designed, it has a “built-in” Internal Control (IC) line.
When does the IC (Internal Control) line appear?
After the PCR process and approximately 10 to 12 minutes after the C-PAS strip is dipped into the PCR tube containing the Target gene(s), if there is NO target gene or Shrimp Pathogen (disease) in the sample being tested, a blue colored IC (Internal Control) line will appear on top of the C-PAS strip.
What is the function of the IC (Internal Control) line?
It tells the PCR user that the PCR machine is working and could detect DNA in a sample. It also tells the PCR user that the PCR Test Procedures were correctly done.
When a target gene or Shrimp Pathogen is detected in the sample, does the IC (Internal Control)line appear?
The blue IC (Internal Control) line in the C-PAS strip often becomes FAINT or VERY LIGHT and DIFFICULT TO SEE when a target gene or a Shrimp Pathogen is detected in the sample. This is normal and should not be a cause for alarm.
How do you read the results on the C-PAS strips?
You can read the results on the C-PAS strips either VISUALLY using the “GenePasQ® READING GUIDE & DATA SHEET” or by using the C-PAS Image Reader.
What is the C-PAS Image Reader?
It is a device that is used with a desktop or laptop Computer allowing the End-User to EASILY, ACCURATELY and QUICKLY read the Test Results on each C-PAS strip. Using this device allows the End-User to use MORE quantities of C-PAS strips compared to VISUAL reading (using the naked eyes).
How do you use the C-PAS Image Reader?
After connecting it to a personal Computer (PC), mount five (5) pieces of C-PAS strips into a special Strip Holder. Then, insert the Strip Holder into a slot in the C-PAS Image Reader. The C-PAS Image Reader will then automatically SCAN each Strip and its special Software will read the Test Results on each Strip.
What Test Results will the C-PAS Image Reader give?
The C-PAS Image Reader will display on the Computer Screen either a “POSITIVE” or aNEGATIVEtest results for each Strip. A “POSITIVE” result means the PRESENCE of a Shrimp Disease. A “NEGATIVE” result confirms the ABSENCE of a Shrimp Disease.
How long will it take the C-PAS Image Reader to complete the reading of each Strip?
Three (3) seconds per C-PAS Strip or a TOTAL of 15 seconds for the five (5) C-PAS strips.
Are there other benefits of using the C-PAS Image Reader instead of the VISUAL reading?
This device would be able to read LIGHT (faint) or VERY LIGHT (barely visible) BLUE detection lines on the C-PAS strips which would be VERY DIFFICULT for the human eyes to read. This increases the ACCURACY in reading the Test Results on the strips.
Where can I obtain more information on the C-PAS Image Reader?
Please click the Tab, “C-PAS STRIP IMAGE READER”, in the HOME webpage for PHOTOS of this device and for additional details.
What will you see in the C-PAS strip if MULTIPLE Targets (2 or more) Shrimp Diseases exist in a sample?
You will see 2, 3 or 4 blue lines at the specified locations where these Shrimp Pathogens (diseases) should appear. If there are four (4) Shrimp Pathogens in the sample tested, four (4) blue detection lines will appear in the C-PAS strip. If there are 3 diseases present in the sample, 3 blue lines will be visible in the strip. If 2 diseases are detected, there will be 2 blue lines in the C-PAS strip.
What are the RED lines in the C-PAS strip ?
They are POSITION markers.
What is the use of these RED Position Marker lines in the C-PAS strip ?
They are used as REFERENCE lines to more easily see the RELATIVE POSITONS of the emerging blue detection lines and readily identify the Shrimp Pathogen(s) detected by the C-PAS strip.
When do the RED Position Marker lines appear in the C-PAS strip ?
They always appear in the C-PAS strip with or without a reaction.
What Shrimp Pathogens (diseases) can the GenePasQ® DNA Test Kit detect?
The GenePasQ® DNA Test Kit can detect:EHP(Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei)
WSSV (White Spot Syndrome Virus)
IHHNV (Infectious Hypodermal and Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus,Type 1 & 2) and
EMS/AHPND (Vibrio parahaemolyticus).
What Shrimp Diseases can the GenePasQ® RNA Virus Test Kit detect?
The GenePasQ® RNA virus Test Kit can detect:YHV (Yellow Head Virus, genotype 1), TSV (Taura Syndrome Virus) and IMNV (Infectious Myonecrosis Virus) shrimp diseases.
Does the GenePasQ® DNA Test Kit detect PASMIDS or TOXINS?
It detects PLASMIDS.
Are there plans to develop and commercialize GenePasQ® Kits for detecting other DNA and RNA virus Shrimp Pathogens?
Yes,these are now underway.
What DNA and RNA virus Extraction Kits are recommended for use with the GenePasQ® Test Kits?
We highly recommend the GenCheck (Japan) Extraction Reagent for DNA extractions in samples. The QIAGEN (Germany) Extraction Kits have likewise been proven very effective for both DNA and RNA virus extractions.
What PCR kits or PCR enzymes are recommended for use with the GenePasQ® Kits?
The PCR Kits and PCR enzymes from QIAGEN (Germany) have been found to give the BEST results for both DNA and RNA virus GenePasQ® Shrimp Disease Detection Kits.
Can I use other brands of Extraction and PCR Kits with the GenePasQ® Test Kits?
Yes, but these kits have to be optimized first with the GenePasQ® Kits. Please contact SURE Marketing if you intend to use other Extraction and PCR kits or PCR enzymes.
What type of PCR Machine can be used with the GenePasQ® Test Kits?
Conventional PCR machines or Thermocyclers are MOST SUITABLE with the GenePasQ® Test Kits.
What brands of Conventional PCR machine are compatible with the GenePasQ® Test Kits?
Many brands of conventional PCR machine have been found to work well. Examples are: GeneAmp 9700 (ABi) Veriti 200 (ABi) Mastercycler (Eppendorf) SimpliAmp (ABi) Rotor-Gene (Qiagen), etc. We likewise market the QUICK BATH portable conventional Thermocycler and the QUICK MOBILE mobile PCR machines from JAPAN which work very well with the GenePasQ® Test Kits.
Can the GenePasQ® Test Kits be used with the POCKIT® or microPOCKIT® of the GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation ?
No, the GenePasQ® Test Kits will not work with these equipment.
What other equipment are needed to be able to use the GenePasQ® Test Kits for Shrimp Pathogen detection?
A typical DNA Laboratory using the GenePasQ® Test Kits usually have the following Lab Equipment: Thermo-Shaker, High Speed , Mini Centrifuge, Vortex Mixer, Low Speed, Mini Centrifuge, PCR Machine (Thermocycler) and, 3 sets of HIGH quality Micropipettes.
What specimens or samples can be tested by the GenePasQ® Test Kits?
Live, frozen or boiled shrimps, naupli, zoei, fries or Post Larvae (PL), bacterial colonies like Vibrio parahaemolyticus from agar plates, positive tissues, soil, water, crabs, polychaetes, artemia, other crustaceans, snails, worms, etc. have been successfully tested with GenePasQ® Test Kits to detect EHP, WSSV, IHHNV, EMS/AHPND, YHV, TSV and IMNV shrimp diseases.
What kind of PRIMERS does the GenePasQ® Test Kits use?
The Primers and Primer Mixes used in our DNA & RNA virus GenePasQ® Test Kits are OIE-approved and were developed by Professor Ikuo Hirono of the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) located in Tokyo, JAPAN.
After the PCR process, how long will it take for you to see the BLUE detection line(s)?
If a target gene (Shrimp disease) is detected, the BLUE detection line(s) will appear in approximately 10 to 12 minutes after the C-PAS strips are dipped into the PCR vials.
What do you see if NO target genes (Shrimp Pathogens or diseases) are detected in the sample?
When NO target gene exists in the sample, the BLUE Internal Control (IC) line on top of the C-PAS strip will appear.
How long will the BLUE detection lines in the C-PAS (F6) strip FADE or DISAPPEAR?
If the used C-PAS (F6) strip is kept out of sunlight, the BLUE detection lines will be preserved for at least one (1) year or longer.
Is the GenePasQ® Multiplex &PAS DNA Chromatography Method a QUALITATIVE or a QUANTITATIVE method of detection?
It is only a QUALITATIVE method which tells the PRESENCE or ABSENCE of a SHRIMP Disease(s). The GenePasQ® Test Kits were developed for EASE of USE of the Shrimp Hatcheries and Shrimp Pond Growers who want a QUICK, SIMPLE, ACCURATE and COST- EFFECTIVE Test Method that confirms the PRESENCE or ABSENCE of various Shrimp Diseases using the least number of PCR laboratory equipment.
Is the GenePasQ® Multiplex & PAS DNA Chromatography Method a CONFIRMATORY or a SCREENING Test for detecting various Shrimp Pathogens (diseases)?
It is a CONFIRMATORY Test method for simultaneously detecting Shrimp DNA or RNA virus diseases. When a disease or multiple diseases are detected by GenePasQ® DNA or RNA virus Test Kits, there is NO NEED to further check, verify or confirm the PRESENCE or ABSENCE of these pathogens using other Test Methods.
Can the GenePasQ® Test Kitsbe used OUTDOORS?
Yes, as long as utmost care is taken to avoid CONTAMINATION or CROSS CONTAMINATION of the various reagents and Positive Controls during the extraction and PCR process. The area where the test is done must be CLEAN and properly sanitized.
Are the GenePasQ® Test Kits registered with OIE or in other countries?
The GenePasQ® DNA IHHNV Test Kit is now being registered with the OIE (Paris, France). However, this process will takeone (1) year or longer. We have likewise applied for Product Registration in INDONESIA for some of our GenePasQ® DNA Kits.
Are there any Scientific Articles on the GenePasQ® Test Method?
Yes, an article was published in October 2017 in the Journal of Fish Diseases. The title of this article is “A rapid method for simultaneously diagnosing four shrimp diseases using PCR-DNA Chromatography method”. Another article entitled “Rapid Diagnosis of three shrimp RNA viruses using RT-PCR- DNA chromatography” was published on 28 May 2018 in the same Journal of Fish Diseases. More Scientific Articles are forthcoming.
Where can I get copies of these Scientific Articles?
You can download copies of these 2 Articles from the Sure-Bio Website “FREE OF CHARGE”.
Where can I obtain ADDITIONAL information on the GenePasQ® products?
Visit our website or fill out the “Request for Information” page in our website. You can DOWNLOAD the various GenePasQ® brochures and other Technical Data from here. You can also send your inquiries via e-mail to our e-mail address.
Where can I buy the GenePasQ® Test Kits?
We have a network of affiliate Companies and Distributors worldwide. You can contact them or us directly for your GenePasQ® Test Kits requirements. Please go to the “How to Buy” or “Locations” pages of our website for the complete Contact Details of our Distributor(s) nearest your location.